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The EDC Alumni Association provides a wide range of opportunities, services and resources, including local chapter activities, continuing education programs, alumni career services, international conferences, reunion events, alumni/student programs, and access to the online alumni directory.

The association which is made up of graduates that have successfully completed any of the certificate programmes is a strong backbone of the EDC community and is a major contributing factor to the growth and achievements of the centre.

The aims of EDCAA are to: –

  1. Encourage continuous learning and networking among the members.
  2. Build stronger relationships among members of the EDC business network.
  3. Uphold the mission and vision of EDC
  4. Render service to society especially in the area of public and private management.
  5. Implement such other strategies that will benefit the EDCAA and/or EDC.

As part of the centre’s mission of promoting continuous learning and connection are alumni sessions organized in various locations specifically used as a platform to constantly bring members together to learn share and network.  They are mostly categorized to cater for various sectors of the economy.

The EDC alumni study trips is a bi-annual engagement that provides a rare opportunity for networking and revitalizing your business. Alumni members get to interact and cross-fertilize with other business school partners from other countries, identify the most important growth drivers in your industry and most importantly spot opportunities that can help revamp or accelerate your business growth.

The next study trip comes up in March. (Global Entrepreneurship Congress) View the form and register now.

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EDC Life Membership

EDC Life members are ambassadors of the centre that stay active and remain connected. The unique position of being a life member of EDC gives you priority over non- financial members.


Benefits of Life Membership

EDC services are available to members and non-members, however financial members benefits include ; SME Training, Trade Promotion, Network Meeting


Non-Financial Members

Regardless of membership status, all alumni members of the centre will receive business Insights via email, invitations to alumni sessions, and regular communications from EDC, and will have access to free programs and services provided by the centre for her members.

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