Enterprise Development Center (EDC)

EDC 20th Anniversary Dinner

The Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) marked a momentous week of celebrations and achievements commemorating its 20th anniversary with a memorable dinner. Mrs Nneka Okekearu, the EDC Director, extended a warm welcome to all guests during the Mass, emphasizing the significance of properly honoring the two-decade milestone.

Amidst the festivities, distinguished awards were presented to exceptional entrepreneurs, esteemed alumni, and valued partners. This recognition highlighted their remarkable contributions and unwavering support throughout the EDC’s journey.

The evening’s ambiance resonated with appreciation and gratitude, encapsulating the spirit of the EDC’s accomplishments over the past two decades. As the celebration unfolded, it underscored the Center’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurial growth, acknowledging the pivotal role of its community in shaping its remarkable legacy.

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