About EMS

Essential Management Skills (EMS) is designed to provide the skill-set required by today’s line managers/ team leaders in Small And Medium Enterprises (SMEs). EMS uses a combination of IFC’s Business Edge methodology and the EDC’s programme designed modules from Sales to Finance, Operations, Customer Service and Personnel management to equip change agents in the organization with the cutting edge knowledge of business management. The purpose of the programme is to empower the participants through practical and activity based training, which can be implemented in their business or work environment.

Program Schedule

Lagos | 27 - 29 March | Customer Service, Marketing, Selling Skills, Personal Productivity

Abuja | 24 - 26 April | Customer Service, Marketing, Selling Skills, Personal Productivity

Lagos | 7 - 9 May | Leadership & Decision Making, Financial Operations, Managing Your Team

Abuja | 14 - 16 May | Leadership & Decision Making, Financial Operations, Managing Your Team

EMS Modules

  • Effective Sales Marketing Management

    This practical and interactive session is an essential session for those having challenges with the Sales & Marketing operations of businesses. The module is suitable for all staff to constantly help them with their selling skills. This module gives participants the necessary tools that will help them become more successful in their marketing activities using problem-based methodology. It also provides frontline sales managers with proven expertise and knowledge they need to drive bottom line performance.

  • Financial and Operations Management

    To drive organizational performance the business owner and the core staff need to guard themselves against operational flaws that can easily affect the day to day running of a business. Equipping themselves with all the financial and operational knowledge needed to effectively manage and run a business. At the end of the training session each participants will know what it takes to manage a business.

  • Personal Productivity Skills

    To Discover and unlock the potentials of your staff you need to engage them on a personal productivity process. Organizations improve and grow due to effective changes staff makes. This module help increase the efficiency of staff by taking them through a roadmap that will help them optimize their productivity.

  • Human Resource Management

    This programme is designed to provide excellent human resource skills required by today’s Business Owners, Managers, Team Leaders, Employees and Entrepreneurs in Small and Growing Businesses. The activities are designed to motivate the workforce, deal with conflicts and tensions at work and tackle their individual/group tasks. The program will facilitate and stimulate every employee to realize his potential and accomplish organizational goals.

  • Customer Service Management

    The business world is getting so competitive and to survive the market, organizations should strive not only to meet customers it tries to prompt and stimulate every employee to realise his potential expectation but exceed it. The 3 days robust programme helps in understanding what customer service is and stands for. What are the basic skills needed to ensure customer satisfaction? How do you keep your existing customer while looking out for new ones? The customers’ experiences will be defined by the skill and quality of the support they receive.

  • Entrepreneurial skills and Presentation

    The ability to be innovative, multi-task, network, think creatively, plan, work under pressure, research, organize, manage and build a team makes one an aspiring entrepreneur. The Entrepreneurial skills class will help bring the entrepreneur in you.

  • Other modules are available for organizations who wish to customize training for their staff in our tailored programme. Please call Nnenna on 08174583175 or email nugwu@pau.edu.ng for details.