School leaders are crucial for the success of any school. This makes the training of school leaders imperative.
From the foregoing, the School Leadership Development (SLD) programme, an initiative of APEN (Association of Private Educators of Nigeria) in collaboration with Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) of the Pan-Atlantic University, is designed to address the challenges that school owners face in assigning leadership and management responsibilities to indigenous school leaders. These challenges stems from the personal and skill gaps on the part of the school leaders which inhibit their ability to fit properly into these roles.

The SLD has been strategically structured to help build and enhance the capacity of Nigerian school leaders, to make them appealing prospects for their respective schools, and equip them with the right blend of instructional and managerial tools to upscale the approach and quality of learning in their schools, which will in turn, impact positively on the Nigerian Education sector.


  • Instructional Leadership – which is aimed at training the participants to effectively manage both staff and students and ensure that the school community is not just an institution where teaching takes place but learning actually happens.

  • Management – The idea behind this component is for the school leader not to conceptualize school as classroom based only, but to see it as a business that requires basic principles of operations management for its day to day activities.

Participants are exposed to a variety of values and new information which include:

  • Modern trends in Education
  • Theories of learning and their application
  • Social skills and Etiquette
  • Networking
  • Performance Management
  • Decision making, time management and planning
  • Technology skills
  • Customer attraction and retention
  • Keeping financial records
  • Writing and presentation skills
  • Entrepreneurship and a whole lot more.

Course Duration

SLD runs over a period of one year in different phases to accomplish the sole aim of bringing out the best in school leaders using varied approaches. The programme begins with the in-class training/capacity building for a period of 6 months, then they move on to work as interns with selected businesses in Nigeria and intern with schools abroad for 4 weeks. And then conclude with the year-long program with a retreat.

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