Social Sector Management

SSM Overview

As part of the Transformational Leadership Programme, the Africa-America Institute provided scholarships for the capacity building of NGOs and social entrepreneurs in Nigeria. The SSM is designed to boost the existence, development and sustainability of Not-for Profit Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and entrepreneurs in the social sector.

Application is open to social entrepreneurs operating in the following sectors

  • Health
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Social Entrepreneurs


The program consists of 13 modules to be delivered in 20 days (10 days in class and 10 days online) over a period of 4 months.


Introduction to Social Sector Management

This module makes use of entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage a venture for social change and it also looks at how to set objectives, the venturing process and the social sector management itself.

Regulatory, Legal and Tax

This module is designed to introduce participants to legal, tax and other regulatory issues in establishing and managing a social enterprise and it will help them develop the skills to anticipate and recognize the problems, and to equip them with sufficient knowledge to fashion out solutions.

Defining your Vision and Marketing your Vision

With this module participants would understand the importance of developing a vision and mission statement and the need for the employees combined effort in achieving its goal and expose participants to strategies for marketing their vision and mission statement.


This module is designed to enhance the capacities of social entrepreneurs to be effective in leadership roles. It will equip them with practical leadership skills and help them identify areas where they need to change to enable them become better leaders.

Proposal Writing

One of the challenges facing social entrepreneurs and those engaged in managing NGO’s is the issue of writing proposals, often times people try to describe their project document as a proposal. In this module you will learn how to write proposals within the limits of your organization capabilities and competencies.

Managing Projects

As Non-profit organization, project management is crucial as it involves budget and project implementation. In this module participants will be able to see the need to plan, gather information assign and set targets within the limits of the budget.


This module is designed to generate interest in and commitment to the strategic planning process of the organization. The case study approach is brought to play in this module to help participants understand the best approach to developing a suitable strategy.

Fund Raising

Participants will be equipped with the tools that help in soliciting for contributions such as money or other resources needed to carry out their project by requesting for donations from individuals, corporations or governmental agencies.

Innovation and Creativity

With this module participant will be introduced to different ways and techniques of being creative in developing avenues for resources.

Building Credibilty

This module helps organizations and employees to build and become credible when they demonstrate sound management practices and provide quality service to the community and people they offer service

Business Plan

This module helps the social entrepreneur to develop not just a business plan but unfold the necessary process to be undertaken for a successful implementation.

Financial Management for Non-Profits

This module has been designed to help participants develop usable financial recording systems for their organizations and how they can manage these systems effectively to ensure sustainability.